Game Changer is a multi pair EA. It can trade up to 12 pairs at a time but it has been programmed to only trade a max of 2 pairs at any given time to minimize risk due to a low starting deposit. 

Game Changer uses a sophisticated algorythm to chose which pair to enter a trade on. 

When the market runs the opposite direction, the EA will place additional trades enticipating the markets return or a slight pull back just enough to close all trades. 

Not only does it uses a Trailing StopLoss, which mean the stoploss will move with the maket  but it also has a Hard Stoploss IF your equtiy reaches around -35%. 

This has been added as a protection feature to protect 65% of your Equity. 

Since no one can predict which way the market will go, this protection feature can add confidence to yourself knowing your account will not be blown with 1 blow. 

Game Changer is currently doing around 20% per month. In the case that this bot hits -35% of your equity, all trades will be closed at a loss of around 35%. 

With this account here having hit a 49% loss, to date, it is averaging 20% monthly.  


On this picture above you can see the 49.69% this was during early stage of testing and monitoring. After this event we have implemented a hard stop at around 35% to protect 65% of the account yet still leaving some breathing room for this strategy. 

Since the beginning of this account Drawdown has only been over 21% one time since August last year as indicated by the Yellow line on the picture above. 

Take Profit= 30 pips.
Stoploss= 155 (roughly around 35% of Equity) 
Step= 15
Multiplier= 1.11 
Trailing Stop = 12 pips  

Trailing Steps= 4


Here is how it works.

If the market goes in our favour the trailing stop will be triggered, when it reaches +12 pips it  will move the stoploss from 140 pips to 0 (Breakeven or Entry point +4 pips) This is Trailing Step 1  Then it goes up another +12 pips to +24pips then the stoploss will move up again to +8 pips.

From this point our Take Profit is only +6pips away from 30pips. If it goes up we close at 30pips

profit, if the market turns then it will be closed out at +8 pips in profit….

If the market goes against us the it will place additional trades in the opposite direction every 15  pips the market moves, with every new order the TakeProfit target will move with the market  aswell so it only has to turn back a certain amount of pips to close all trades at any given point rather than the market having to return all the way back to the first entry plus 30pips.