We offer a unique way of trading! Forex Trade Signals are being duplicated automatically into your your own personal Meta Trader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform  with our Proprietry Software yet still gives you 100% control of all trading operations and most importantly, you are in control of your funds!

You fund your own account

You will register and fund your own brokeers account if you do not have one. Start your research with the list of brokers we use. We are not recommending any of the brokers listed on this website.

You are in control at all times

ITSFX has no access to anyones account to withdraw. The only way to withdraw is with the same methods used to deposit therefore noone but you can withdraw your funds. You are free to withdraw some or all of your funds at any time you wish.

No monthly fees!

Our services are based on Profit Sharing. We win but only when you do!

No cost per trade!

We do not charge for the number of trades or per lots!

Your share?

70% of the profits is your share

Affiliate's share

Affiliates will get 10% (person who you signed up with)

ITSFX's share

20% will be ITSFX’s share. 

We can host your MT4 platforms on our Dedicated VPS Server. If you decide to use both EA’s we can host both for the discounted yearly price of $14.99USD paid monthly with us. A Virtual Private Server or VPS is needed to run your Trading platform 24/7.

VPSFOREXTRADER is the hosting company we use and we do recommend you use them aswell if you dont already have a VPS.  You can run upto 4 instances of MT4 for the low price of $14.99USD per Month IF you pay Yearly (40% discount). This VPS is require to run your MT4 24/7 so trading operations are not being interupted.   

....TOMAPIPSTAR COMING SOON.... 1st of October 2020


For more info get in contact with us.