It uses methods from Quantum Indicators to filter signals and placing orders. It also uses Support and Resistance levels from H4 timeframe but runs on 1M charts. The buy and sell grids are independent of each other.

The purpose of the method used is to reduce the drawdown and not build large grids.

Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are both hidden. Brokers and Market movers can see where all Stop Loss levels are at and they manipulate the market as they go hunting for stop losses and collect peoples money. This is a cool feature having it hidden. 

There are 7 pairs trading with Tomahawk, AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCAD. 


All back-tests were performed with 99% modelling quality using tick data from Dukascopy.

This is the most accurate backtesting on MT4.

All MT4’s can achieve from 20-60% modelling quality with lots of Mismatched chart errors during backtesting. 40-80% of mismatched errors gives unreliable backtesting results. Due to some tick data massing, alot of backtestings performed shows the opposites.

Eg: A strategy shows winning results in backtestesting but in actual live forward testing will be a loosing strategy and I’m sure alot of you have seen with a lot of Bots/EA’s in the past.

Using tick data from Dukascopy modelling 99% quality will not give us exact replay of the past with any strategy but its very close having zero mismatched chart errors.

The purpose of this is to show how well it would’ve performed over the past 12 months.

I could’ve done 5 or 10 years longer backtesting but I think 1 year is enough to get a good idea.

The main thing to look at is the Max Drawdown which are all very low on all 7 pairs


Slight adjustments have been made on this account. 

The 8.54% Drawdown you see wouldve been only 4.27% only.

Slight adjustments have been made on this account. 

The 17.03% Drawdown you see wouldve been only 8.52% only